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Musings and Thoughts. [entries|friends|calendar]
phillip retuta.

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...As The Crane Takes Flight (Revisited). [27 Aug 2007|06:05am]

...As The Crane Takes Flight (Stop Motion Photography). from Phillip Retuta. and Vimeo.

song lyric of the day. [28 Oct 2006|10:27pm]
"you know they don't give a fuck about anybody else."

on the same note, i realized i shouldn't give a fuck if they don't give a fuck. BE CONTENT WITH YOURSELF, PEOPLE!

Tricks and Treats. [17 Oct 2006|08:20pm]
tricks and treats.

Happy Halloween.

a project runway rant. [12 Oct 2006|12:45am]
personally, i love jeffrey and his rockstar aesthetic, and his total asshole-ness simply adds to the show's entertainment.

whether or not he cheated is an entirely different story. the way tonight's episode played out was a bit sketchy, especially when jeffrey didn't give tim gunn his receipts immediately. then, of course, there is the next episode's preview. with tim saying, "unfortunately..." and jeffrey crying to uli, one could assume that he did in fact cheat.

then again, i never trust the previews. the producers and the editors always construe the worst possible situation and lead the viewer on. tim could actually say, "unfortunately we've put you under this shadow of suspicion and made life more tense for you, and we have discovered no wrong doing" and jeffrey hugs uli with relief.

i just hope he really isn't guilty of outsourcing his work, just because from the look of his outfits (i wasn't impressed with the PHOTOS of jeffrey's collection, but watching the show and hearing his explanation on his line changed my opinion), he has a strong contention to win.

despite laura's criticism to jeffrey's work (although i've always loved laura's sass and sarcastic humor), i think her line is also very strong.

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